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What is cow milk protein allergy?

Cow milk protein allergy is an abnormal reaction by the body's immune system to a protein found in cow milk. Several studies indicate that around 3% of all newborns are likely to suffer from cow milk protein allergy by the age of four and 80% by the age of six. Also, some children are born with no history of allergy but develop it later in life.

Management of cow milk protein allergy requires a health care professional to advise on the appropriate alternative feeds.

 How do you manage cow milk allergy?

  1. Avoid giving your child any milk and other dairy products, since even small amounts of milk can trigger this allergy.
  2. Breastmilk is best for babies with cow milk protein allergy, however if breastmilk is not available, consult your health care provider to advise on an appropriate alternative feed.
  3. Educating  your children on their allergies


Who gets allergies?

The tendency to develop allergies is often hereditary, which means it can be passed down through your genes. However, some children usually don’t inherit the allergy. And a few other kids usually have allergies even if no family member is allergic. Allergists say that a child who is allergic to one substance is likely to have other allergies.

However, even if you, your partner, or one of your children has allergies, it doesn't mean that all of your kids will get the allergy, too.