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What are the treatments for Down Syndrome?

There's no cure for Down syndrome. But children with the condition can leave happy, productive lives as well. Everyone born with the syndrome has some trouble learning, but just like other children, kids with Down syndrome can learn basic skills -- sitting, walking, talking, and self-care (such as toilet training and bathing). It just may take them longer. Physical therapy begun shortly after birth can help strengthen muscles for these basic motor skills.

Regular medical care to treat the chronic health problems linked to Down syndrome is also important. A child with the syndrome should have regular eyesight and hearing tests, be evaluated for thyroid problems, and get regular childhood immunizations.

Children with Down syndrome attend school, and many join regular classes. There are laws to help a child with Down syndrome get special placement or extra help. They can, and do, take an active part in various activities in their communities. The opportunities for people with Down syndrome are great, and there is no reason not to expect them to make lasting, positive contributions to society.

For more information about Down syndrome and raising a child with the condition, ask your doctor about resources in your community.