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Potty Training

At around 2 years, some toddlers are ready to start going to the lavatory by themselves. But learning to use the toilet can take a while. Just be patient, give them plenty of time and encouragement and be prepared for a few accidents along the way! If your little one isn't ready yet, don't worry.  Each toddler develops at their own pace so keep looking out for the signs.
Buying several potties means you can have one in each room, so they're close to hand when your toddler needs to go. Getting them used to sitting on their potty is a good idea too. You can make this more fun by telling stories or singing songs while they sit. A routine can also help, so try using the potty first thing in the morning when they're bound to need a wee!
Find fun activities like dressing-up games, which can help your toddler to dress and undress themselves – a handy skill when they're learning to pull their pants up and down to use the loo!