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Building Your Toddler's Confidence

Help your toddler build confidence

When we feel good about ourselves, we can cope with life's little ups and downs. We are willing to try new things and feel we can achieve whatever we set out to. It's just the same for your toddler. Building their confidence helps them to grow into a happy and independent little person.

Building self esteem

As your toddler grows and develops they begin to learn who they are and build a sense of self. They know what they look like and soon work out the things they can do. At this stage, how they see themselves is a reflection of what other people seem to think of them. So it's important to show your toddler how well liked and wonderful they are.

Show love

Tell your toddler as often as possible how much you love them and how much fun they are to be with. You can also show affection by giving your child lots of hugs, kisses and kind words. Make your child aware of their good points.

Talk and listen

Simply chatting with your little one sends out the message that you enjoy their company. When you pay attention to what they have to say it shows them you find them interesting and worth listening to. This is a good foundation for building their sense of self worth.

Praise and encouragement

Being able to put on their own clothes gives toddlers a great boost of self-confidence. Be ready to lend a helping hand and give plenty of praise for trying hard.

Offer choices

By asking your child to choose their own clothes or what book they'd like to read with you, you'll make them feel more grown-up and in control.

Get active

Trying out lots of new activities is a great way of discovering something that your child is good at or can grow to love. 

Encourage friendships

Invite your child's friends around to play or organise a get together with other mums and their children. Being able to make friends and get on with people is a brilliant way to build self-esteem.

Together time

Morning chats in bed, or shared mealtimes celebrate family life and show your child that they have a special place within it.