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Second stage weaning 7 - 8 months

After the first 1- 2 months of weaning, baby will have  gotten used to eating from a spoon, and moved to thicker purees of several fruits and vegetables. You can now begin to introduce regular mealtimes, starting with breakfast.
The good thing is baby has already gotten  used to the foods you will offer for breakfast: baby cereal, uji/pap/porridge,  fruit and vegetables. You can combine what you already introduced, like mixing rice cereal  or uji/pap, with fruit, as well as adding new cereals and fruits.
There are several baby cereals available, including wheat based ones, that your baby should be able to take at this stage, unless they have a known allergy or intolerance. Make sure you select  a baby cereal, not a breakfast cereal.
Don’t forget that at 8 or 9 months milk still forms an important part of your baby’s diet. Experts recommend that you should breastfeed up to 2 years. If you cannot breastfeed ensure that you select a suitable alternative.