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Involving Your Other Child In Your Pregnancy

Involving your other child in your pregnancy

Are you wondering how your child will react to their new brother or sister? Chances are they'll love having someone new to play with – even if they're not sure about the change at first. Here are some tips to help you find the best approach.

When and how shall I tell my child I'm pregnant?

If you're only a couple of months into your pregnancy, you may not want to say anything. Seven months may as well be 100 years to a child! That's not to say they won't notice changes in your body. So it's probably best to tell them when you're really starting to show. Say you have a new baby growing inside you. Let them pat your tummy gently and get them to say ‘hello' to their new brother or sister.

How to help your child prepare

Make the most of the time your child and you currently have, because things are going to be very different in a few months! You also need to start preparing them for when they won't be able to have all your attention. Make sure your child gets used to being with grandparents, relatives and friends – all the people who will be helping you once the baby arrives.

The trick is to keep things simple but make your child feel special about becoming a big brother or sister. They'll find it hard to understand what a new baby is all about, so show them what they were like as a baby. Go through photos and videos, talk about when they were born and tell them what the new baby will be like. You could also take them to an antenatal appointment – to hear the baby's heart!