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Pregnancy Feelings And Mood Swings

Pregnancy feelings and mood swings

With all of those extra hormones at the moment, it's quite common to experience some mood swings during pregnancy. Your body is working hard to look after a developing baby and with so much to think about, sometimes you might just find yourself feeling sad, frustrated or upset.

If you're feeling down, look after yourself

With no control over your raging hormones and everyone asking about your bloated tummy, pregnancy can really seem to take over your life. You'll start to feel tired and emotional more frequently than ever. It's not surprising that months of morning sickness or having to get up through the night to go to the washroom can take their toll.

Many mums-to-be often feel guilty about feeling down during pregnancy because they think they should be glowing happily and telling everyone how excited they are. However, if you are feeling a bit blue, you're not alone. Mood swings during pregnancy are common and can happen to even the happiest of people. 

Try not to let your mood swings take over. Try talking to a friend and relative, or do something that makes you feel good. Whether it's getting your hair cut, going to the cinema or just relaxing in a warm bath, treat yourself to something that will help make you feel like you again. 

Don't keep it to yourself

Every pregnancy comes with its share of stress. After all, there's a lot to think about: how will the new baby affect your relationship, your social life or even your health. Talking about these concerns with your husband, family and friends can really help you to cope with your mood swings. 

Don't forget that your husband is there to offer you support and a listening ear. Remember that talking can really strengthen your relationship. Sharing your feelings and knowing they're there for you will probably help you feel so much better.

Antenatal depression

If you really can't seem to shake off the mood you're in, it might be that you've got a more serious case of the pregnancy blues, which is commonly known as antenatal depression.

If you do feel things are getting you down and are wondering whether it might be something like this, it may be a good idea to talk to your doctor. The important thing to remember is that antenatal depression is just a temporary thing and there are people who can help you through it.