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Mumsworld Pregnancy Calendar Week 8

If morning sickness is getting you down, hang in there! Hopefully it'll pass within a few weeks.

Your baby's development

Your baby is now around 1.6 cm long and the eyes, mouth and nose are beginning to be more defined. The buds of the milk teeth start to form from around now, bone cells begin to form and replace cartilage and the tiny joints are developing. Every organ is in place and  unique fingerprints are beginning to form. From this week, your tiny baby is now called a foetus, which is Latin for ‘young one' or ‘offspring'.

You and your body

If you're feeling sick, then you're definitely not alone! It happens to two out of three pregnant women during early pregnancy. Your nausea may be more noticeable in the morning but it can occur at any time. The bad news is that it tends to be at its worst around now and for another few weeks, but by week 14 about half of pregnant mums feel no further symptoms and you can get on with enjoying a healthy pregnancy diet.

For the rest it can take a little longer, although symptoms can come and go throughout pregnancy. We know it's not a total comfort, but nausea and morning sickness feelings are almost always associated with a healthy pregnancy.

Tried and tested solutions:

Nibble on some dry crackers or biscuits before getting out of bed in the morning. 

Eat little and often to keep something in your stomach. 

Even if you find you can't tolerate food, it's very important to keep drinking fluids. If you find it difficult to drink anything, try sucking on ice cubes or sips of fruit juice. 

Motion sickness bands can work for morning sickness too! You wear them on your wrist to press on an acupuncture point.

Try ginger – it has been proven effective for many people. Why not try ginger ale, dry ginger biscuits, ginger tea or root ginger grated into boiling water? 

Did you know?

While you're pregnant you're more likely to develop thrush ( a fungal infection caused by increased quantities of a fungus called Candida albicans in the intestinal tract). If you get it, it's best to avoid using perfumed soap or shower gel, wear cotton pants and loose clothing and speak to your doctor before using any treatments.