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Mumsworld Pregnancy Calendar Week 40

The time has come… you're all ready now!

Your baby's development

Over the last 9 months, your baby has developed from one cell to a little human being made up of over 200 million cells. How amazing is that?!

At birth, the average baby weighs around 3.4 Kg and measures 51cm from head to toe. Inside, there's no spare room, so your baby can only move from side to side because they're so cramped.

You and your body

You're almost there and your baby is ready and waiting to be born! You probably can't wait to give birth now – if only to be able to breathe and sleep properly again! There's some good news – once your baby's head has engaged, you'll feel less breathless because your lungs will be less pressured by your baby's body.

You'll be looking out for the classic signs of labour – some ‘show' from your vagina, the mucus plug coming away and the onset of contractions. 

It's natural at this time to feel really scared about the birth process and most mums-to-be feel this way. If you need any information, we've got plenty of advice and tips on our website to help you. 

Did you know?

Did you know that when it comes to the EDD (Estimated due date) of your baby, only around 5% of babies are on time, and around four out of five are late? So don't panic if your baby decides not to appear right on time – it's normal for lots of expectant mums!