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Mumsworld Pregnancy Calendar Week 38

Congratulations! You're now classed as full-term! It's not far off now but that probably means you're getting more nervous about labour. 

Your baby's development

So close to full-term, your baby is now fully developed and is using these last couple of weeks to lay down fat. At about 49 or 50cm long, they weigh near to 2.9 Kg. Your baby can hear your voice, so intensify your bonding by talking or singing to your baby. 

You and your body

You might be finding it increasingly difficult to get proper sleep during late pregnancy, especially at night, so getting the maximum amount of rest during the day time, with your feet up, can compensate a little. 

Although your weight gain has almost come to an end, you may be feeling worried or scared in other ways as you feel increasingly apprehensive about labour. Go over your birth plan to make sure it's clear in your head and talk to your husband or partner about it too.

As this can be a confusing time for any other young children in your family, involve them in the excitement to help manage their natural feelings of jealousy. 

Did you know?

A common sign that your pregnancy is nearing its end is when the mucus plug that seals the womb comes away (you may notice it when you go to the toilet). This doesn't necessarily mean that labour is about to start – the plug can release anywhere from a few weeks before, to the time when you actually go into labour.