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Mumsworld Pregnancy Calendar Week 36

Some women are curious if they can still safety have intercourse at this stage in their pregnancy. The answer is yes – just as long as your water bag hasn't broken.

Your baby's development

Your baby is getting bigger each day and gaining as much as 140g a week by this late stage. If this is your first baby, their head may already be pointing down and be ‘engaged', getting ready for birth – but don't worry if you can still feel them squirming about, it's perfectly normal. Your baby now measures about 47cm in length and probably weighs around 2.7Kg so there's not much room left in there! 

Did you know?

The increased pressure that you may be starting to feel by now in your lower abdomen is called ‘lightening'. This is your baby moving lower down into your pelvic cavity to get prepared for the big day!