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Mumsworld Pregnancy Calendar Week 34

Your mind is likely to be filled with nothing but baby thoughts at the moment and with all the mounting excitement, it's no wonder lots of mums have difficulty sleeping during the late stages of pregnancy! Your tummy is probably making it a bit tricky to get comfy too. 

Your baby's development

Not long to go now! With only about six or so weeks left on the clock, your growing baby measures around 45cm and weighs about 2 Kg. Their skin is really starting to thicken with a layer of fat stored beneath for insulation and nourishment. Antibodies to provide immunity against disease are continuing to be received from you, strengthening and preparing them for life outside the womb. 

You and your body

Sleep – or lack of it – might start to become more of an issue around now, as you face cramps, joint pain, heartburn and a need to urinate regularly.

To get some much-needed sleep, start by sleeping on your left hand side, which can (among other things) improve your circulation, digestion, kidney and liver function. It's best to avoid sleeping on your back from now on – it can result in palpitations and even low blood pressure. 
One of the most comfortable ways to lie is to bend your knees slightly and position pillows to lend some support to your lower back, tummy, hips and joints.

Night-time trips to the toilet will become a feature of life for the next few weeks – so reduce your drinking before bed, but make up for it during the day. Always take a trip to the bathroom just before you snuggle down, and try to make sure you empty your bladder completely.