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Mumsworld Pregnancy Calendar Week 31

Many mums talk about being full-up and feeling quite breathless during this stage of their pregnancy. One tip which really helps is to eat little and often so that your food has room to squeeze in and you don't get uncomfortable. If you are eating a larger meal, have some rests to give your food time to go down. 

Your baby's development

Your baby is about 41cm long and starting to pile on weight – now weighing about 1.4Kg. The parts of their brain responsible for memory are starting to develop. How do we know? One study found that babies who were played the theme tune to a popular TV drama while in the womb responded to it after birth, unlike those babies who hadn't heard it before birth. You'll never watch TV dramas in the same way again! 

You and your body

You're probably feeling quite breathless at the moment and this sensation will probably stay with you during your pregnancy until your baby drops down into your pelvis. This usually happens at around 36 weeks for first-time mums and not until delivery if you've given birth before. 

Your uterus is so large that it's pressing up against your diaphragm (which is the muscle that usually controls your breathing) so there's not much room for lots of air. You can help yourself by relaxing which means rest, rest and more rest!

Shortness of breath can also be a sign of anaemia so it's best to get this checked out to make sure you're fine. Read more about common health worries and get tips on how to help!

Did you know?

Until now your baby has been covered in tiny hairs called lanugo, which help to keep them warm before they've put on enough fat. It's around this week that it begins to disappear.