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Mumsworld Pregnancy Calendar Week 29

It can be tricky to get a good night's sleep during pregnancy and a lack of sleep can make you feel a bit blue. 

Your baby's development

At nearly 40cm in length, your baby now weighs  just over 1Kg  although by now there's quite a variation in size and weight between babies. During the third trimester, you can expect your baby to triple in weight by the time 40 weeks are up. In many respects your baby is fully formed now. All the organs are developed but will continue to mature as they get ready to greet the world. 

You and your body

Lots of mums have difficulty sleeping during pregnancy. Try sleeping on your side with three pillows – one between your knees, one in the small of your back and one under your head. Have a warm, milky drink before you go to bed. It's best to avoid tea or coffee because the caffeine can make it too difficult to relax and might make you want to urinate in the night. You can also try putting a few drops of a diluted and pregnancy-safe essential oil such as lavender into your bath to help you relax and unwind.