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Mumsworld Pregnancy Calendar Week 24

Pregnancy hormones really seem to heighten the senses and so around this time, it's common for mums to worry that they're not thinking rationally all of the time. Sit down with a good book and don't be afraid to have a bit of self-indulgent time whenever you need to. 

Your baby's development

Your baby now measures about 30cm (that's about the length of a ruler) and weighs about 530g. According to medical experts, your baby is also ‘viable', meaning that if they were to be born now, they'd have a reasonable chance of survival in a special care baby unit.

You and your body

Your hormones are raging around inside you at the moment and you're probably feeling quite emotional during this stage of your pregnancy. You can be hyper-sensitive about anything – from watching your favourite film to somebody drinking out of your favourite mug.

Did you know?

Wearing high heels can make backache even worse. So it may be time to put them to the back of the cupboard and buy some flat shoes for the next few months instead.