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Mumsworld Pregnancy Calendar Week 22

Some mums are looking and feeling great at this stage of pregnancy whereas others find that they're suffering a bit with skin complaints. 

Your baby's development

Your tiny baby isn't so tiny any more. At 27 to 28cm long, they now weigh around 250g . As their hearing and recognition improves, they're becoming more responsive to your voice. Their face and body look much more like those of a newborn, although their skin is still transparent and they haven't yet developed a layer of fat. 

You and your body

During pregnancy, skin retains more water making it look more youthful, plumper and fresher. Your blood circulation has increased, so your skin looks more glowing, too! 

But pregnancy can also bring on acne due to the higher levels of hormones encouraging your skin to produce more sebum. Just enough keeps skin supple but too much causes pores to become blocked, resulting in greasy skin and pimples. If you're suffering from pimples, clean your skin regularly with a gentle cleanser and use an oil-free moisturiser. Avoid rubbing or squeezing the skin and do not use acne creams unless your doctor prescribes them for you. A few weeks after delivery, your skin should return to its pre-pregnancy condition. 

Skin also tends to become more sensitive during pregnancy. This is not only due to higher hormone levels, but because it has become more stretched and delicate. If you're suffering from irritated or dry skin, stay out of the sun or wear a high-factor sunscreen and keep your skin well moisturised – perhaps use a bath emollient oil too. Stick to wearing natural fabrics next to your skin and if you suspect that something is causing your irritation, try to identify and then avoid it – could it be the washing powder or perfume you are using?

Did you know?

The extra blood for your baby that your body is having to produce at the moment needs lots of water. You might find yourself feeling a bit dehydrated – even if you're having to go to the bathroom all the time. Even if you feel as though you're constantly urinating, remember to drink lots of water and take a bottle with you when you're out and about.