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Mumsworld Pregnancy Calendar Week 21

Now that you've passed your 20-week scan, you might be starting to think about preparing for your new baby's arrival – after all, you're over halfway through your pregnancy now! 

Your baby's development

Your baby is now around 26cm long and weighs about 225g . They can hear when you talk and sing – so now is a good time to start one-sided conversations with them. 

You and your body

Now that you're getting bigger, people are probably starting to notice that you're pregnant and you may be congratulated more frequently. 

You might also be feeling some aches and pain in your legs too which is understandable. That's because your body is under pressure with all the extra physical work.

To help avoid any swelling or puffiness in your legs, make sure that you take things easy and remember to:

• Rest with your feet up whenever you can.

 • 'Circle' your feet at the ankles to get your circulation going.

• Try doing regular stretching and walking – perhaps for 15 minutes in the morning and afternoon.

Did you know?

Here's a handy way to understand the foods you should be eating: look at a food pyramid. The base of the  food pyramid includes starches:  cereals, bread, pastas, potatoes, yam and rice, and  you should be eating more of these foods to get the balance just right. The tip at the top includes things like cooking oils, salty, oily snacks and sweets. These should be enjoyed in moderation.This is particularly important during pregnancy because these sorts of foods all provide extra calories but not much of the nutritional value that you and your baby need. 

Plus, over-indulging now means it will be harder to get back to your pre-pregnancy weight afterwards. So there's an incentive!

As their kidneys are now working, they're starting to process your baby's own waste. The brain is developing fast too, and needs lots of omega fatty acids to sustain its growth. These building blocks come from your own internal stores, so make sure to include foods such as oily fish in your diet. They're a prime source of omega 3.