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Mumsworld Pregnancy Calendar Week 19

Your baby's development

Your baby's taste buds are now well developed and they can taste the sweetness of the amniotic fluid in your womb. Well before they're born, your baby will like sweet tastes, which give a calm, comforting feeling. Developing fast, their hearing is now sensitive enough to pick up sounds that are too high or too low for adults to hear. They've also added about another centimetre of growth in the last week – so your baby now measures around 19cm. 

You and your body

It would be all too easy to use pregnancy as an excuse to snack on an extra packet of crisps (or three!), but this won't give your baby the essential nutrients that will keep them growing. 

Instead, focus on healthy eating during pregnancy by adding extra fruit and vegetables, choose wholegrain cereals and breads and meet your daily need for calcium by including low-fat dairy foods like yogurt and cheese in your daily diet. 

Did you know?

Now that you're in your second trimester, you may experience a bit of heartburn or indigestion. It's all down to those pregnancy hormones again. You can reduce it by avoiding spicy foods, citrus juices, coffee and chocolate. 
Chew your food well, eat little and often but try not to eat too close to bedtime – give yourself time to digest. Drinking water before eating also helps with digestion.  A dash of milk can help soothe your windpipe if you have a touch of heartburn.