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Mumsworld Pregnancy Calendar Week 12

Your baby's development

Your baby is now around 6cm in length. Their face is beginning to look more human and their eyes, which started on the side of their head, have moved closer together on their face. Their ears have taken up position on the sides of their head. 

Your baby's hair is now beginning to grow and fingers and toes have small soft nails, while their mouth has 20 tiny buds which will become baby teeth. They might even start to suck their thumb and they're much more active. Their vocal cords are complete, though will go unused until their first few seconds in the outside world!

You and your body

You will probably start to share the good news very soon. Which is lucky as you'll probably start to show very soon! 

That's because, at around 12 weeks your uterus moves out of your pelvis and sits above your pubic bone. From now on it will grow into your abdomen, creating your beautiful bump. A lot of mums say that this is the time their pregnancy starts to feel more real.

As your pregnancy progresses your uterus will get heavier, at nine months it will weigh up to 900g compared to 70g before you became pregnant!  But don't worry – it'll be back to its pre-pregnancy size within weeks of the birth.