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Mumsworld Pregnancy Calendar Week 10

Iron is a vital nutrient for you and your child during pregnancy so you need to be sure you're eating iron-rich foods.

Your baby's development

By now your child is about 3cm long. Because their brain is developing faster than any other part of their body, their head looks very large. Their toes are separating and they're getting more active with every passing day. They've even started to sleep, wake up and exercise their muscles. Their arms bend at the elbow, and if you could peer inside, you'd see their spine clearly visible through their skin.

You and your body

Although your uterus has doubled in size and is now as large as a grapefruit, your bump is probably not showing yet. In fact, your pregnancy might still be a secret from the world!

Hopefully you've already adopted some healthy pregnancy eating habits. When it comes to a healthy pregnancy diet, iron is one of the key nutrients you need. It's important for carrying extra oxygen around in your red blood cells and your baby needs it for their developing brain. If you run short now, your baby may be fine but you'll run the risk of becoming anaemic, which will leave you feeling tired, washed-out and generally unwell. 

Your doctor may recommend an iron supplement. If not, pay particular attention to the iron-rich foods in your diet such as red meat, fish, eggs, dried fruit, wholegrain breakfast cereals and breads, and green leafy vegetables. There's even better news – these foods all contain a wide range of important nutrients in addition to iron. 

Did you know?

The iron from cereals and vegetables is best absorbed by your body if you eat another Vitamin C-rich food at the same time. Have a glass of orange juice with your breakfast cereal or take fresh fruit as a starter to your main course.