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I'm Nervous About The Birth

I'm nervous about the birth

It's natural to feel nervous about giving birth, especially if it's your first time. Of course, you know it's going to hurt – but the great news is that your body is brilliantly designed for childbirth. For instance, did you know your body will release chemicals called endorphins to help see you through the childbirth? It's true! This section will help you to overcome some of your nerves you may experience in your pregnancy journey.

How to build up your confidence

You probably have a million questions about the stages of labour and what happens next. But don't worry. You probably know more than you think!

Nothing gives you more confidence than being prepared. So, go through your birth plan again, or learn about the three stages of labour. 

If you do feel stressed or insecure, try to share your feelings with others. Talk to your husband or doctor about your concerns, or chat to other mums-to-be. It really helps!