Leaving your Baby with a Carer

Are you feeling nervous about having to go back to work and leaving your baby in someone else's care? This is normal, but there are plenty of good people who can look after your baby for you. We have some tips about hiring a Nanny.

If you are hiring specifically for the baby, look for someone who has training and or experience in looking after babies. Even if you have family help, remember they will be responsible for your baby so ensure they know what is expected. With family it is also important to ensure there is common understanding of what your expectations are.

Make sure to complete a back ground check of whomever you are leaving your baby with. It is well worth the time and effort as you want to be sure you are leaving you baby in the right hands. And if something about the person bothers you it is advisable to listen to your instinct. 

Keep copies of their identification documents, and ensure you also have their phone number and  other contact details  (including where they are from  - their home), of the help as well as those  of a close relative of theirs, whose background, by the way, you would  also  do well to verify. 
Once you are happy with the help you have you can ease yourself into leaving the baby by going out for longer and longer periods.