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Introducing Your Baby To Your Child

Introducing your baby to your child

Introducing your second child to your first should be done carefully. Your first child has probably become used to being the centre of your attention since the day they were born. So it's important to get the right relationship between your whole family to prevent any problems arising. 

How to stop your children feeling jealous

While you're feeling excited about the prospect of bringing a new baby home, older children can find it difficult to accept change. Even though you may have involved them in the pregnancy, it can still be a shock to discover that they can't have all of your attention anymore. 

They may even feel as though the new addition to the family is pushing them out of the picture. So tell them that you love them and that they'll always be important to you. Make them feel involved in their new brother or sister's life. They could choose your baby's clothes, push the pram/baby stroller or buy a present for them.

Introducing their little brother or sister!

Sibling relationships can turn into great friendships, while others can be a bit more tricky. A lot depends on the personalities of your children, but by preparing your children for the arrival of another, you can help them to build a strong relationship from the start. 

• Toddlers find it difficult to understand anything that doesn't directly affect them. So when you introduce your new baby to your toddler, explain all of the good things that will happen to them as a result of their little brother or sister arriving. 

• Older children might enjoy being introduced as a ‘big brother' (or sister) and given the grown-up responsibility of being asked to help care for your baby. 

Spend time with them

It's important that your child gets quality time with you or your partner. In fact, your partner could have special fun days out with them, which will help them feel special. And if your child starts behaving like a baby, remind them of the fun things they can do because they're older. Like all things to do with children and babies remember to be patient, take things one day at a time! 

Although it might take a little while to get used to a new member of the family, the relationship won't always be difficult and your older child will no doubt soon learn to love having someone new to play with!