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The Baby Blues

The baby blues

This is the most common form of postnatal depression. Thankfully, it's also the least severe. The baby blues occur after you've given birth, generally between the third and tenth day. You'll usually feel tearful and irritable, and it's thought to be due to both pregnancy hormones and a feeling of anticlimax after childbirth. Coupled with the physical changes and emotional roller-coaster that you've just been through, it's no wonder mums get the baby blues. 

How long will it last?

The baby blues shouldn't last longer than a few days. Lots of rest and reassurance from family and friends are all you need to get through it. But if it continues after the tenth day, speak to your doctor. 

How your nearest and dearest can help

A good pair of ears and a big, warm hug can work wonders when you're feeling blue. You'll need lots of patience and reassurance from your partner, family and friends, so take them up on their offers of help; even if that just means coming round for a cup of tea and a chat. It's important they understand that lots of mums go through the same thing, there's nothing wrong, and with a little support you'll be fine in a few days.