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Importance of micronutrients in toddlers

Micronutrients are commonly referred to as vitamins and minerals and are required in small quantities but are important for the development of a toddler. Vitamins are divided into two categories the fat soluble and water vitamins. The fat soluble vitamins include A,D, E and K, and the water soluble vitamins include C and B vitamins.

Micronutrients are found naturally in a variety of plants and animal-based foods. Although they can now be synthesized in the laboratory, a varied diet typically provides all of the vitamins and minerals necessary for human health.

Toddlers need a daily balanced diet that includes a selection of micronutrients to meet the nutritional needs of their body. In many African countries, foods rich in vitamins are readily available in the local markets.

Some children might have food preferences and be fussy about taking green leafy vegetables and fruits, in order to get the full potential of your child and ensure that their physical and mental growth is not compromised it’s important to ensure they take in micronutrients from their dietary sources.