How to soothe a colicky baby

There are many approaches to soothe a colicky baby. The following tips are helpful

  1. Holding the baby more during the day, before they become fussy, seems to curb their appetite for crying in the evenings.
  2. Mimic the womb; use things like infant swings or gentle bumpy rides in a stroller for varied movement. Re-creating the prenatal environment may include the soothing effects of water. He was "swimming" in a soothing bath of fluid for nine months, so he may enjoy the calming effects of a warm bath
  3. Stay calm; babies with colic are difficult at their best moments and downright exhausting the rest of the time, never get angry at your child.
  4. If it is nutritional: babies with posseting/reflux might be uncomfortable and tend to cry a lot. With the support of your health care provider, a thicker infant formula may be recommended to manage the underlying cause of the crying.
  5. Breastfeeding babies maybe be taking in extra air if not properly latched, leading to gassiness hence the crying. Mothers need to be supported to correctly latch their babies to their breast for less gas intake.


Right now, it may seem hard to believe, but there is an end in sight to the continuous crying, and having colic might even offer some advantages. Many behavioral and developmental specialists theorize that highly intense and persistent babies, such as those with colic, probably harbor a temperament that leads them to be high-achieving, motivated, successful children and adults -- all qualities that are commonly admired and rewarded as we grow up.