How to enrich your baby's food

Here is a way to help you understand how to rich your baby’s food during meal times:

  1. Enrich their foods for example:
  • Add peanut butter or margarine or egg yolk to their porridge
  • Add milk to their rice
  • Add fruits to their yogurt
  1. Shorten the baby’s eating hours, ensure you have 6- 8 meals in a day a difference of 2- 3 hours.
  2. For older children put  healthy snacks  such as fruits and dried cereals at a vicinity where they can continually pick at their convenience
  3. Present their meals in a colorful way.
  4. Keep offering new foods over time  your toddler might be willing to eat
  5. Offering new foods at the beginning of a meal when hunger is more likely to get him eating.