How do I know if it’s colic?

Maybe your baby seems to cry a lot, but how do you know if he has colic? You may observe the patterns of crying

  1. Babies with colic become predictably inconsolable at the same time each time they cry.
  2. Look at how the baby cries; colicky babies often look like they are in terrible pain. They arch their backs and grimace, often seeming to try to crawl right out of your arms.
  3. Consider how they respond to your attempts to soothe them. Colicky babies characteristically don't respond easily to basic attempts to calm them, such as holding and cuddling.

This is one of the most frustrating parts of parenting a baby with colic. Doing what comes naturally when these babies cry often only makes them more upset.  The baby might even hate a beautiful rocking chair that rocks her up and down.