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Why is gut health necessary in the first 1000 days?

It’s important to ensure that your gut is healthy all the time, but it's, even more, essential to provide a healthy gut system during pregnancy. The nine months of pregnancy are considered by health care providers to be the most significant period of your child’s life.

Did you know that your gut health has been linked to the functions of your child’s brain and other organs such as the heart, the liver, and the pancreas?

Shaping the first 1000 days of your child will give them a great start and lifetime health; just think about that for a second.

During pregnancy, your microbiome also known as gut flora are crucial for your baby’s health. A natural birthing process affects an infant’s microbial profile, and that’s why it’s important for pregnant women to be watchful of their gut health, as it will influence the health of their children for the rest of their lives.


Some research has shown that maternal nutrition affects the birth weight of children. Most of the children born with low birth rate have a significantly higher risk for diseases like heart disease, diabetes, hypertension and kidney disease that independently affect lifestyle risk factors later in life.