Get Practical help from others

When family and friends offer to help, think about practical ways that will free you up to focus on your baby. People often want to help but feel powerless, and may not know what to say or do. It can help if you tell them exactly what you need.

Some areas where they could help out:

  • preparing food that is easy to re-heat/cook for you and your partner
  • doing the shopping
  • picking up other children/bringing other children on outings
  • researching something for you - this could be anything, from benefits you may be entitled to, cheap places to eat near the hospital or places to stay near the hospital - anything that makes your life simpler
  • shopping/researching baby gear for your baby's eventual arrival at home
  • offering driving services if you don't have a car - for shopping or any other journeys
  • helping your other children with homework
  • meeting you for lunch on occasion.