Night Feeds With Breast Milk

Night feeds with breast milk

All babies are different and whilst most need a night breastfeed when they are very little due to their small stomach capacity, some will continue needing them for longer. There's no rule – just go with your instincts and do what feels right for your baby.

Why does my baby always wake at night for breastfeeds?

All babies are unique and all have their own individual breastfeeding needs. It's not unusual for a baby to want a night breastfeed for the first three months at least because their stomachs are so tiny that they can't fit that much breast milk. Other than that, there are many possible reasons why your baby is still waking for breastfeeds. 

Possible reasons include:

• They could be thirsty or hungry.

• Are they teething?

• Check the temperature of the room – are they cold?
  (If your baby is feeling poorly this could disturb them.)

• Or maybe they just enjoy the warmth of your body and the comfort of your special hugs at night.

Breaking the pattern

Whether your baby really needs to wake during the night for breastfeeds really depends on their age. A newborn baby only has a very small stomach so they'll need to wake up because they can't take in as much breast milk. 

But if your baby is older, they can start to grow out of it. You could try feeding your older baby more often or giving their last breastfeed of the day as late as possible, just before you go to bed. Before you know it, you and your baby will hopefully be enjoying an uninterrupted night's sleep!